Struct SMGlobal

Struct Documentation

struct SMGlobal

Type for containing root metadata.

Public Functions

SMGlobal(int marker = -1, float volumeConstraint = -1, bool useVolumeConstraint = false, bool ishole = false)

Default constructor.

  • [in] marker: Global marker value

  • [in] volumeConstraint: Value of volume constraint to use

  • [in] useVolumeConstraint: Whether or not a volume constraint should be applied when tetrahedralizing

  • [in] ishole: Is this domain a hole?

Public Members

int marker

Domain marker to be used when tetrahedralizing.

float volumeConstraint

Volume constraint of the tetrahedralized domain.

bool useVolumeConstraint

flag that determines if the volume constraint is used.

bool ishole

Flag that determines if the mesh represents a hole or not.